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May 31, 2018

How well do you know the guidelines for ICD-10- PCS conventions and root operations? Do you know which are similar to ICD-9-CM guidelines and which are different? Take this quiz and see (true or false answers only-Answers are posted at the end of this newsletter.)
1. A valid PCS code can be chosen directly from the PCS table without consulting the Alphabetic Index first.
2. When using the PCS table, character values may be selected from different rows of the same table to create a code.
3. A procedure discontinued before any root operation is performed is not reported.
4. A biopsy followed by definitive treatment of the same site is reported with a code for the biopsy and a code for the definitive procedure.
5. When coding a procedure involving the musculoskeletal system, the root operations Excision, Repair, and Inspection are reported with a code identifying the body part of the deepest layer involved.

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